Contact Child Support Agency
phone number: 0871 953 2129

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You can also contact CSA for free at their website here.

The Child Support Helpine Can Answer Your Questions
The CSA comes under the Department for Work and Pensions. It first appeared way back in 1993, although it has gone through a lot of changes since those days. What this department does is simple. It collects maintenance payments for children, and passes it onto the parent who has the children. In the majority of cases, the agency will also calculate what the payments will be. For this calculation, they have to stick to strict guidelines, and a financial formula. This is to ensure that people pay the right amount in the eyes of the government. The problem with the CSA is that regardless of the decision reached, not many people agree with it. This means that their telephone number is often busy.

The CSA Customer Sevices Are There To Help You
The first time that absent parents become aware of the CSA is when they receive a letter through the door with a payment demand on it. Although some people may hide their heads in the sand and ignore the letter, that is not a good idea, as it is a government agency. For instance, a person on benefits can ignore financial demands all they like, but eventually they will discover that the money has been taken out of their benefit. So a CSA payment is not something that can be ignored. Most people who get a letter from the CSA asking for money usually take the appropriate action. For those wishing to discuss the matter, calling the CSA contact number is the best place to start.

Absent Parents Can Call The CSA Phone Number At Any Time
Once a demand has been issued. The receiver needs to go through all of the information contained within the letter. It will explain how much is expected to be paid, and how that figure was calculated. It is very important at this point to go through that calculation with a fine tooth comb. If any discrepancies are found, or something is not understood, or does not make sense, then call the helpline as soon as possible. Just ignoring any problems will only result in the Child Support Agency demanding that the payment they have decided on should be paid. If at any point payments are likely to get into arrears, then call the telephone number and inform them why, they may recalculate payments to a lower amount.

Call The Phone Number For Advice
In the past, there has been a lot of controversy with the way the CSA operated. Recently, though things have got much better. Calculations have been streamlined, while the payment system has been made much easier. The helpline is also very useful, and can give both parents plenty of useful advice. These days the CSA is helping thousands of children in the UK get what is due to them, and that in turn means that they have a much better life. The days when absent parents could avoid paying for their own children are now gone.

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