eBay customer services
phoneebook redirect service phone number: 0871 953 2110

Calls cost 80p/min plus your phone company’s access charge

You can also contact eBay for free at their website here.

eBay Customer Service Contact Number
eBay is a vibrant, dynamic marketplace. It relies on users selling stuff to other users, in most cases through a bidding process. And often enough, things can go wrong. However, in order to solve any issues occurring on the platform, eBay offers a fully-fledged customer service system, aimed at offering comprehensive help in any and all problems you, as a customer, might encounter there. For more direct approaches to troubleshooting a certain issue, the eBay support telephone number is also provided.

Why Use eBay Costumers Service?
For starters, as mentioned above, you have to take into account that you’re dealing with people on this selling and buying platform. And things can go wrong at any step, from misplaced packages, to delayed deliveries and even faulty products shipped altogether.
In order to solve issues like these and not waste any more time waiting for the eBay customer service team to answer online, you can call instead to quickly and directly get in touch with customer support.

Advantages of Using the Phone Number Provided
Using the phone number for eBay customer services has several advantages. The website officially urges customers to contact sellers first if they had trouble with a delivery or shipment, instead of talking to customer support. And that’s a reasonable request, for the most part. But in some cases, sellers are not willing to answer and customers are left with no other options than to rely on eBay’s customer services.
By using the phone number, you can get in direct contact with the support staff. They won’t be able to ignore your call and you’ll have the assurance that the issue you’re facing will be dealt with. Even so, there have been some complaints that problems were not resolved even by phone, so your best bet would be to persist in demanding help until you feel the issue has been solved.

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