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phoneebook redirect service phone number: 0871 953 2121

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You can also contact Empire Cinemas for free at their website here.

Empire Cinemas Customer Service Contact Phone Number
Empire Cinemas – An Empire Where Customers Rule
For a very long time now, the cinema has been a way of escaping the mundane and of making an entry into a different world: one where happy endings are almost always present and one where even when the ending of the movie is not a happy one, it is still a touchy one.
Empire Cinemas may not have been there since the beginning of the cinema industry, the same way as other cinemas have, but in the short time it has been around, this company has managed to bring cinema to whole new standards. Their company has grown in a fairly short amount of time and ever since 2005, when the first Empire Cinema complex was created, they have managed to increase their numbers drastically. Nowadays, there are 17 Empire Cinemas spread across the United Kingdom and no less than 164 screens – definitely a very good number for a company that has been on the market for less than a decade. Even more than numbers though, Empire Cinemas honor the tradition of high quality entertainment in their theaters and they frequently organize premiers at London in one of their cinemas there.

The Empire Cinemas Customer Care Department
If you ever have any kind of issue or question related to the Empire Cinemas, their customer care hotline will be at your disposal. It does not really matter what it is that you want to ask the customer support representatives at Empire Cinema – they will always greet you with a nice voice and with the piece of information you need. As a company that has grown so much in such a small amount of time, the Empire Cinemas company knows that a strong customer care department is a vital part and an absolute “must” for success. You can find the hotline phone number that puts you in contact with the customer service department here.

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