Contact HMRC
phone number: 0871 953 2129

Calls cost 10p/min plus your phone company’s access charge

You can also contact HMRC for free at their website here.

The HM Revenue And Customs Helpline
The HMRC is part of the UK government. It is the non-ministerial department which collects all of the taxes and duty on behalf of the government. These include corporation tax, income tax, fuel duty, excise duty, and many others. All products and services in the UK will be taxed, and that tax will at some point end up with the HMRC. Although no one really likes to pay taxes, without it the country would grind to a halt as it is what pays for things like the National Health Service, and border security. It can be difficult for the average person to get the hang of taxation, which is why it is important to call the HMRC customer service to ensure the best advice is received.

Worried About A Tax Payment? Call The HMRC Telephone Number
Anyone who works will need to pay taxes, although low earners do have a set amount which they are allowed to earn each year before having to pay any. Most employees do not have to worry about working out the tax they have to pay, but for the self employed, and those people doing more than one job, then working out how much tax is owed has to be done manually. Although the HMRC have tried to make tax calculations as easy as possible, they never are. The problem is that if any errors are made in the submission, the HMRC can issue heavy fines. So, it is always best to call them on their phone number to ensure that the figures are correct.

Customer Services At The HMRC Are There To Help
For some reason some people seem to be afraid to use the contact number for the HMRC. Yet, the call is logged, and so if any questions are asked by them in the future concerning a tax submission error, then the phone call can act as evidence that help was asked for, and this can be enough to have fines dismissed. The important thing to remember is that the staff on the helpline are highly trained, and they are there to help people who have questions about the taxation system. It is always best to ask an expert when it comes to tax.

HMRC – Just A Contact Number Away
These days, it is easy to make a phone call, as technology has meant that nearly everyone has a mobile phone. This is why there is no reason not to call the HMRC. One thing to keep in mind when phoning them is that they do have busy periods, which can be avoided. First thing in the morning, and lunchtime during weekdays can see people waiting for an expert for quite a while. By calling in between these times, it is possible to get through straight away. Remember, paying tax is very important, and rather than paying out a lot of money to talk to a tax advisor, calling the HMRC office is the best thing.

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