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You can also contact Jobcentre Plus for free at their website here.

Call The Jobcentre Plus Phone Number For Free Advice
It was back in 2002 when the UK Department for Work and Pensions decided to set up the Jobcentre Plus offices. Since then many people have passed through the doors for one reason or another. The main aim of the Jobcentre Plus is to find employment for people, and to manage the benefit system. Since the financial crash of 2008, this part of the government has found itself extremely busy. Prior to 2014, jobs were hard to find, but since then the economy has recovered, and thejobs market has improved. This has meant more people calling the helpline for the latest vacancy information.

Jobcentre Plus Customer Services Offer Benefit Help
One of the worst things about being out of work is the fact that there is no money coming in. Luckily, the UK has an excellent welfare system that offers all those people in need financial assistance. Although the benefit system was supposed to have been made easier to understand, there are so many extras that can be added on to a claim, it is important to speak with someone by phoning the customers service line. The basic benefit is jobseekers allowance, however, for a person that has a partner, and children, these need to be included in any claim for this benefit. It is reckoned that millions of pounds go unclaimed each year by people not applying for what they should be. This is why it is important to speak to someone at the Jobcentre Plus office.

Work Maybe Just A Contact Number Away
The Jobcentre Plus not only helps people who are out of work, but also those in work. There are two reasons why someone who is already employed may want to use the telephone number. The first one is that they may be entitled to tax credits, and although the claims need to go through the HMRC, advice can be gained by talking to someone at the Jobcentre Plus. The second type of employed person who would be looking for advice is someone who is looking to move to another job. Maybe they are not happy where they are currently employed, so the best thing to do is go elsewhere. The Jobcentre Plus is a great place for getting help with a career move.

Make Sure You Use The Jobcentre Plus Helpine To Claim What Is Yours
Although most people think that the benefit they are on is the correct one, it is always worth double checking. It is best to make a list of circumstances, such as current wages, whether or not a partner is present, are kids living with the claimant, and anything else that may be useful when calling the Jobcentre Plus. As the country moves to a universal credit system which includes a number of benefits, it is now more important than ever to have good advice. The only way to ensure that this is the case is by using the Jobcentre Plus telephone number.

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