Metroline London Buses
telephoneebook redirect service phone number: 0871 953 2108

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You can also contact Metroline for free at their website here.

The Metroline Buses Helpline Offers Advise
Metroline first appeared on the UK roads back in 1988 when the government at the time privatised the local London bus routes. Since then it has been sold to other companies three times. The name Metroline was part of a rebranding exercise that took place in 2007. Although they had their own color buses initially, mainly red with a blue skirt around the bottom, they had to change to all red when they came under the regulations of Transport for London in 2009. These days they run hundreds of buses, and a quick call to their customer services can get you access to the latest timetables and bus routes.
Passenger numbers are important to every company, and in 2012 they carried over 250 million of them in and around the London area. If you work that out it comes to 720,000 passengers a day on the Metroline. They employ over 5,000 members of staff, 4,500 are bus drivers, while the others are either engineers, or they work on the Metroline helpline. They cover around 100 routes with 1,682 buses working throughout the day and night.

Get In Touch Via The Metroline Phone Number
Most people who live in London know most of the timetables and routes, especially if they use Metroline on a daily basis to travel to and from work. However, with London having millions of tourists every year it is essential that they have the latest information to hand. For those who do not know the area very well, it is worth giving their staff a call using the contact number. Not only can the staff help you to plan your route, and help you to get around London trouble free, but they will also make sure that you are paying the lowest prices for your trip.

Discover The Latest Ticket Information With The Metroline Telephone Number
Although you can purchase tickets for transport on all London buses, it is far better to use what is called the Oyster card. This is a card that you can apply for either online or by calling the Oyster card phone number. Once you have ordered the card, it arrives in the post and you can then load it with money. Using an Oyster card allows you to pass onto trains and buses in the London area much quicker, and they can also save you money on travel. On top of that they often allow you to receive discounts on various attractions in and around London.
Metroline buses give you many benefits for all public transport in London. This includes things like discounts for the disabled and elderly. While for those people who receive a military war pension, they are given free travel after 9.30am on a working day, and all weekends and public holidays. The elderly and young can also receive discounts, but the best thing to do is to call the Metroline helpline. If you do not ask them, then you may never realise that you could actually be getting a discount on your travel.

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