Contact HM Passport Office
phone number: 0871 953 2129

Calls cost 80p/min plus your phone company’s access charge

You can also contact HM Passport Office for free at their website here.

Call The Helpline For Advice On The HM Passport Office
Although the UK has had an agency that handled the issuing of passports for decades, it is only since 2006 that the HM Passport Office has existed. This office is for people who are looking to apply for a new passport, or renew one which has either run out, or will do so within six months. Although applying for either of these is supposed to be easy, very little the government does actually turns out that way. If a mistake is made on the application then this can delay the issuing of a new passport. That could result in having to cancel a holiday, or business meeting abroad. To prevent that from happening, calling customer services at the HM Passport Office is by far the best option.

When Is The Best Time To Call The HM Passport Office Telephone Number?
There are certain times of the day, and periods of the year when the passport customers service is extremely busy. To save holding on the line for long periods of time, it is best to avoid these busy times. Between midday and two in the afternoon, the offices are usually busy answering calls to people having their lunch, so avoid these hours. First thing in the morning can also be a busy time. When it comes to periods of the year, the rush usually starts a couple of weeks before Easter. This is because a lot of people will either leave the application to the last minute, or only realise that their current passport has expired just before they go on holiday.

Call The Contact Number For Help If You Have Applied For A Passport
Although the passport office is supposed to return a new passport within a fixed amount of days, it seldom works out that way. During busy periods the office can start to fall behind in application processing, and this can leave many people getting close to going on a holiday, but having no valid passport. This is a very worrying period, but by calling the helpline, a person can find out where their application is. If there is a backlog, then an expedited service can be used, although there is a fee for using this service. Calling the HM Passport Office can put a person’s mind at rest, as there is often more than enough stress when it comes to going on a holiday.

Passport Assistance Is Just A Call Away
What many people do not realise is that the UK passport office now deals with applications from all over the world. In the past, UK citizens applied in the country that they were present in. However, all of that has now changed and all applications are transferred to the UK. This means that people abroad have to wait longer for a new passport. Luckily, once in the system, the application is easy to track, just call the telephone number for the HM Passport Office for an update.

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