Contact The Phone Co-op
phoneebook redirect service phone number: 0871 953 2112

Calls cost 80p/min plus your phone company’s access charge

You can also contact The Phone Co-op for free at their website here.

The Phone Coop Customer Service Telephone Number
The Phone Coop is a telecommunications co-operative operating in the United Kingdom, which provides fixed and mobile telephone services, as well as data services to private customers, businesses and organizations. Founded in 1998, the Phone Coop has served over 23,000 customers, including organizations such as Centre for Alternative Technology, Manchester City Council, and Amnesty International.
They seek to operate to high ethical and environmental standards, aiming to be “good neighbours”. For this reason, the Phone Coop has established their customer service telephone number to let members have a say on how the business is run.

The Phone Coop customer service telephone number: Got Problems? Give us a call
If you’re having problems with your data, mobile or landline, give the Phone Coop customer service telephone number a ring. A customer service representative will be waiting on the other line, eager to help you resolve any issues you may have encountered.

Ask us anything
You may have questions which aren’t addressed in our website’s support page. We’d be happy to answer any of your inquiries. Just give our Phone Coop customer service telephone number a call and a representative will be happy to answer all your questions regarding our services.

Moving out or transferring to another location? Give us a ring
If you’re moving out, you can take your telephone number, broadband, or any of Phone Coop’s services with you. Just give us a ring at least 2 weeks before your moving day.
However, in case of changes in the schedule of your moving day, just give our customer service a call and we will do our very best to help you in anyway.
Please note that the new home you’re moving into must already have a phone socket. We will also let you in advance the status of the line of your new home.

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