Contact Primus Saver
phoneebook redirect service phone number: 0871 953 2112

Calls cost 80p/min plus your phone company’s access charge

You can also contact Primus Saver for free at their website here.

Looking for Primus Saver Customers Service Telephone Number?
Provided by New Call Telecom, Primus Saver is an award winning UK telecoms firm, offering the communications and customer service you depend on for your contracted business and personal use provider. Fair price and reliability are the hallmarks of the professional staff, providing great phone and broadband capabilities or whatever your need may entail.

Primus Saver Customers Service
Your first step to quality home phone, broadband and new line installations starts with a call to the Primus Saver customers service telephone number. Their highly trained support experts will help you determine what service best fits your needs, and work with you to provide a contract package that saves you aggravation and money.
Their mission is to make available to their customers top notch customer service not only during the sale and installation, but during the stay of the contract as well. Any issues that arise are quickly and professionally addressed simply by calling the Primus Saver Customers service telephone number. Your problems will be solved post haste, with minimal downtime and customer affect. It could be late and night when your connection drops, or during your busiest season. No matter what time of day or the issue at hand, rely on them to pull you through.

Rely on Industry Recognized Excellence
Primus Saver has received numerous awards for their product and customer service over the years, including winning the value for money category of the Home Phone Choice Awards, runner up for New Call Telecom Business of the Year at the 2013 E3 Business Awards, runner up for New Call Telecom Online Business of the Year for the 2013 Red Rose Awards, and a nomination of Primus Saver CEO Nigel Eastwood for Entrepreneur of the Year by the Be Inspired Business Awards.

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