Prudential insurance
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Contacting The Prudential Insurance On The Telephone
Prudential insurance is British owned and based, and supplies life insurance as well as numerous other financial services. It has a long history as it was established in London during 1848, and unlike a lot of other competitors that have come and gone during this time, the Pru as it is known, is still going strong. In recent times, they have expanded into Asia, and they now deal insurance in countries such as the Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore. The company has around 7 million customers in the UK, while in Asia the numbers stand at 15 million. Although they do not deal directly in the USA, they do own the company Jackson National Life Insurance Company. If you wish to contact them then their phone number is available Monday to Friday during office hours.

Information On PruProtect Via The Helpline
Prudential insurance is unique in that they offer a policy called PruProtect which covers accidents, serious illness, life cover and income protection all in one. It is there to ensure that no matter what happens in your life, you will have the finances in place to help you through it. Whether that is being off work due to illness, or being involved in an accident. The policy can also provide education cover, so if you end up being unable to work after an accident or illness, your children will still be covered to complete their education. If you are disabled then the cover includes financing for helping you modify your home, and getting yourself mobile again.

Telephoning Prudential Insurance About Car Cover
The Pru offers three types of car insurance; Third party only, Third party fire and theft, and comprehensive. Which one you take out does depends on the age of the vehicle that you are looking to insure. A very old vehicle usually only needs third party cover in case you cause damage to property or injure someone else. The third party fire and theft is for those people looking for good cover, but at a discount and includes theft and fire cover. The comprehensive insurance is for either relatively new or expensive vehicles, and covers everything including medical cover, and personal effects stolen from the car.

Third party only cover is not available online and you have to call customer services in order to take out that policy. However, when dealing with insurance it is always best to speak to a professional to ensure that you have the best policy for your needs, and that means contacting them via the telephone number. Having the correct car insurance is essential to make sure that your vehicle can be replaced or repaired in the event of an accident whether it is your fault or someone else’s.

The contact number supplied by Prudential insurance can offer you other policies such as home building and content cover, travel insurance with a range of options available to the traveler, and private health insurance to cover you for illness, hospital visits and home nursing cover.

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